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All-Natural, Seattle-Made Probiotic Plant Food & Soil Booster


Brew Dew is loaded with billions of beneficial microbes that promote plant-endophyte relationships and healthy plant growth, fuller root systems with more biomass, vigor and nutrients. This healthy alternative to chemical fertilizers is produced by anaerobic digestion and is allowed under the USDA organic standard, National Organic Program (NOP) ref. 205.105, 205.103(c) rev. 12/19/2016.

Renewably and locally produced, in Seattle, WA by Impact Bioenergy.

How the Dew is “Brewed”


Local Food Waste is Collected: 
Thousands of pounds of food waste is gathered from within the community and taken to an Impact Bioenergy HORSE.




Anaerobic Digestion:
Impact’s HORSE utilizes billions of natural microbes to break the food waste down into our Brew Dew!



Environmental Impact in a Bottle: FootprintIcon
Not only is our Brew Dew packed with billions of healthy microbes that strengthen the bonds between plants’ roots and soil, but also each bottle reduces our community’s carbon footprint.

Service Map

We’re a hyper-local company! We use food scraps from within Seattle to make our Brew Dew and we want to use the least amount of energy possible to distribute. We currently deliver locally within several areas of Seattle and are located in Fremont for pick-up as well!

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